What Is the Spindle Repair Process?

The functionality and the make-up of the spindle are complicated. It takes real knowledge to understand, troubleshoot and repair spindles accurately. Once a spindle repair job hits the work area, a spindle repair company has a duty to make the necessary recommendations and adjustments to make sure that it is fixed back to its original condition. If you are asking “How does the spindle repair process work?” you should know that every repair job is not the same and must be treated carefully. A repair may consist of many processes and applications.

Spindle Repair Process

Are you asking yourself, “What is the spindle repair process?” Here are five different steps involved in the repair process.


One of the most important steps in the rebuilding process is evaluation. Each spindle is put into a tracking software system with any issues noted regarding their condition. Each spindle is then moved to the disassembly technicians or to the spindle run-up room. It all depends on the condition of the spindle. This step basically determines the cause of failure.


This next step consists of the technician breaking down the spindle into various parts and noting the condition and damage to them. Photos will also be taken during this step, in addition to a full dimensional inspection to look for excessive wear. This alone may also help determine the cause of failure.

Repair Costs Quotes

After a complete breakdown and evaluation have been conducted, the purchasing department is in charge of sourcing all replacement part costs and lead times. A quote will then be generated and given a final check. This information will then be relayed to the customer for final approval. Once the approval has been granted, the production will be scheduled, and the parts will be ordered.


Before anything can happen, all parts of the spindle will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Any machine and grinding operations will also need to be completed prior to repairs. Once all components are available, the spindle can be handed over to the assembly techs.

The technicians will be able to assemble all of the components of the spindle and perform a complete break-in process. This process may consist of dynamic balancing and much more.


Finally, a final quality control check must be completed. Once this happens, the spindle will be handed back to the shipping department and packaged into a box to eliminate the possibility of damage. It will then be shipped back to the customer.

Repair Time

The timing of any spindle repair job will vary depending on the size and type of spindle that needs repair. It also depends on the type of damage and repairs that are needed. An emergency spindle repair job can be completed in as little as 24 hours. However, the typical turnaround time for a repair is generally between 5-10 business days. There are some cases where a repair job can take several weeks if special parts need to be ordered, etc.