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Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc.

Headquartered in Berlin, CT, Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc. offers machine tool spindles, grinding spindles, high-speed spindles, belt-driven spindles, wood routing spindle sales and repair services to customers across the country. We sell, service, and support top OEM brands including ELTE Spindles in North America, Heinz Fiege, SPL and more. Clients choose us not only because we offer a wide range of spindles for sale, but because we can service everything we sell to a factory standard of excellence.

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We are the exclusive distributor of ELTE spindles in North America!

In addition to the sale of new spindles, we also offer comprehensive repairs.

Our expertise with ELTE Srl, Keba (formerly Heinz Fiege Kg) and SPL allows us to advise on the best spindle for your needs.

Since 1986, we’ve repaired thousands of spindles, across all major makes and brands.

We work with customers across the country to deliver personalized technical support, sales and service.

Motor Spindle

Sales, Service and Repair for Machine Spindles

For decades, Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc. has been an industry expert on machine spindles. Woodworking and metalworking professionals choose us for a truly encompassing level of service that includes sales, service, repair and even custom design and fabrication of spindles for precision machining and much more. No matter what kind of equipment you’re operating (like machining centers, precision grinders, CNC wood routers, and more) you can rest assured we have solutions to keep your production levels high and downtime low.

When it comes to spindles and their application, we have the expertise to advise, sell, and support your spindle through its lifetime. Choose from hundreds of spindle options designed specifically to function at the capacity you need them to. With high-speed, motorized, belt-driven, hydrostatic, and hydrodynamic models, we have solutions specific to any professional spindle needs. From big to small, we can do it all! We’ll help you narrow down the options. These options include belt-driven or motorized, grease or oil lubricated or hydrostatic or hydrodynamic, AC or DC motors, manual or automatic tool changers, air- or fluid-cooled, and more. We work with you to identify the proper spindles for your application. We work with our customers to identify a best-in-class solution.

What sets us apart from the competition is our approach to total life-cycle ownership.

We don’t just sell you a spindle: we can assist you in support, repairing and maintaining it for the life of the tool. Our facility in Berlin, CT is home to sophisticated calibration and balancing equipment, operated by factory-trained professionals who are committed to meeting or exceeding the industry standard for repairs. This also extends to any custom spindles we design and fabricate for our customers. From the moment you receive a spindle from us to the day you retire it, expect an unparalleled level of support and service.

The Equipment You Need for Precision Machining

Let Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc. provide you with the technical expertise, sales and service you need to get the most out of your productivity.

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