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Metalworking Spindle Repair

When metalworking spindles reach the end of their service life, it’s critical to have them serviced by an expert that understands the complexities involved with each unique type of spindle. At Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc., we know the ins and outs of metalworking spindles because we sell and service the best manufacturers the industry has to offer. Our facility in Berlin, CT is home to a wealth of experience and capability, backed by the necessary equipment required to deliver repairs that meet or exceed OEM standards. We’re so confident in our spindle quality, all of our spindles come with a 6-month warranty. We service a variety of metalworking spindles, including:

  • Grinding spindles
  • Milling spindles
  • Belt-driven spindles
  • High-frequency spindles
  • High-speed spindles
  • Motorized spindles
  • Specialized application of spindles
  • We can even reverse-engineer and upgrade spindles that are no longer supported by the manufacturer!

All of our metalworking spindles for sale come with a 6-month warranty. We’re here for you need when it comes to metalworking spindle repair!
If you would like your spindle torn down and evaluated for an estimated repair cost, please send it to the address below:
119 White Oak Dr
Berlin, CT 06037

We’re here for your needs when it comes to metalworking spindle repair!


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Complete Spindle Repair and Service

Regardless of the sophistication of your spindle, we’re well-equipped to repair and service it, to restore it to the proper working condition. From issues with bearings and rotors to component replacements for drawbars and stators, our abilities are encompassing. Our approach to metalworking spindle repair is a methodical one that includes comprehensive disassembling, inspecting, testing and rebalancing for all components. Using sophisticated balancing and diagnostic equipment, we return your spindle to factory specifications, using parts, components and techniques that ensure the longevity and performance of the machine.

Types of Spindles We Repair

Our experience selling and repairing metalworking spindles extends to all major types, no matter what type of machining center you have or the nature of the work you’re doing. Some of our specialties include:

  • Grinding Spindles
  • Milling Spindles
  • Electric Spindles
  • Machine Tool Spindles
  • Low- And High-Speed Spindles

An OEM-Level Standard of Service

When you need metalworking spindle repair, put your equipment into the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing, and who do it better than anyone else. Contact us at Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc. today at
860-828-0595 to learn more about our capabilities and to discuss a scope of service.