What’s New and Next in Metalworking?

Like any other industry, the metalworking industry has experienced a significant change and development over the past couple of years. The metalworking industry is expected to evolve to reshape modern metalworking activities with advanced technology.Today, the metalworking and fabrication industries rely more on innovative technologies than hard labor. As a result, there has been an improvement in efficiency and productivity in the metalworking industry.

What Is Metalworking?

As the name suggests, metalworking is the modification process of forming, shaping, and reshaping different metals to create various objects, including large structures, tools, and assemblies.

Metalworking plays a vital role in different engineering works globally. Also, it is beneficial for our day-to-day activities. The metalworking processes are categorized into three main groups, as highlighted below.

  • Cutting: This metalworking process involves removing excess metal material by physically cutting or using various technological tools. The extra metal materials, also known as chips or swarf, are regrouped to form other metals.
  • Forming: The forming process includes modifying or deforming a metal object without removing or cutting any material. This process uses different mechanical forces, including heat, used for heavy metal forming structures.
  • Joining: As the name suggests, this includes bringing two or more metal pieces together to form one or more different metal objects. The metal joining processes usually involve various techniques, including soldering, riveting, brazing, welding, and other mechanical fixings.

Other metalworking processes are known as associated processes done before or after the above primary metalworking processes and play a significant role in various metalworking techniques. These types of processes mainly involve mental treatments. They include thermal spraying, heating treatment, and plating.

Metalworking requires highly skilled and experienced personnel due to its complexity and various engineering works. Also, multiple tools have made metalworking easier, including punch presses, fiber lasers, etc.

What Does the Future Look Like for Metalworking?

The future for the metalworking industries looks quite promising, with significant changes expected in the coming years. Below are some of the areas that will be the driving force for the metalworking industries.

  • 3D Printing: 3D printing in metalworking involves changing or creating different metal components under computer control to create 3D metal objects. 3D printing has not yet fully developed; however, it is steadily becoming popular and widespread in various metalworking industries such as automotive, aerospace, tool manufacturing, etc.

3D Printing in metalworking saves money and time in achieving precision. Also, it minimizes the wastage of metal that occurs during various mechanical metalwork processes. 3D Printing also provides metal design freedom by simply designing various metal works without limit.

  • Industry 4.0/ 4IR metalworking: Industry 4.0 is the industrial-technological revolution in the metalworking manufacturing industries. Industry 4.0 metalworking involves automating various metal works and processes such as rolling, cutting, turning, and shearing metal pieces with just a push of a button.
  • Advanced safety features: Advanced technologies have significantly improved the safety conditions in various metalworking manufacturing industries. For instance, using automated machines and sensors across multiple metal works machines has dramatically reduced the number of accidents and possibly deaths that might result from faulty machinery.

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