From .13hp up to 10hp and 3,000 to 24,000rpm the spindles offer a wide choice in shaft sizes and uses.  The spindles are available in external threaded shaft, internal threaded shaft, keyed shaft, and collet-nose shaft for standard ER collets.  These spindles are designed to handle operations requiring predominant radial loads such as:   Roughing    • Trimming   • Beading    • Facing

Models available are:      
PE0 Series KNS Series STK Series EVS 31/40 Series
PE1-2 Series PE3 Series PE4 Series PE5 Series

From .13hp to 13hp the TMPE series of spindles are all designed to accept standard collets for woodworking operations involving operations such as:  Drilling    • Milling    • Grinding    • Routing

Models available are:      
TMPE0 Series TMPE1-2 Series TMPE3 Series TMPE4 Series
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TMPE5 Series TMPE6 Series TMPE7 Series  
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